At Athlete By Choice we are dedicated to delivering the very best in coaching for climbing and other outdoor sports, effective strength & conditioning training for all athletes and sports people, tailored towards the specific demands of their sport, as well as fitness programs for people of all levels to help them get active, stay fit and improve their health.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised, well supported service with attention to detail that is all delivered through our intuitive and simple to use online platform and smart phone app. We are also proud to be able to offer in person 1 on 1, or small group, coaching and personal training services in our home base of Canberra, Australia as well as regular coaching and training workshops in cities around Australia.


Athlete By Choice was started by Duncan Brown in 2011 after a long period of writing cross training and strength & conditioning programs for a variety of sports people around the world, as a way to pool all of those programs together for use by a broader spectrum of people.

Now Athlete By Choice has evolved into a place dedicated to providing the best in online fitness solutions, personal training, outdoor sports strength & conditioning, and the most effective rock climbing coaching and training program solutions available anywhere. We are proud to provide programs specific to rock climbing based on over a decade of coaching and training for elite level climbing performance. No mater what your level, Athlete By Choice can help you achieve your climbing goals.

As well as this we provide strength & conditioning workouts to the wider community for use as either an avenue to better fitness and weight loss goals or as an aid to improving sport specific performance.

So regardless of your motivation or goals we are here to help you push yourself to achieve. So get up and get training!

It’s your choice…






Duncan Brown:   The founder of Athlete By Choice, Duncan, is a Personal Trainer and sports coach and has over a decade of experience coaching swimming, gymnastics, trampoline and rock climbing as well as being a professional rock climber himself. He currently lives in Canberra, Australia, and conducts personal training, group classes and private climbing coaching in the world class bouldering and training facilities at BlocHaus Canberra.

As well as his work here at Athlete By Choice he is the training writer for Vertical Life Magazine (www.verticallifemag.com.au) and has written training and climbing articles for many publications both in Australia and around the world.

Duncan is proudly supported by the following companies:


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