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Online Training Solutions

As well as providing face to face personal training and coaching services, workshops and group coaching sessions at the location of your choice, Athlete By Choice is also Australia’s first and only online coaching and training program service for rock climbers and other outdoor sports. Whether you are just starting out or you are an elite level athlete, Athlete By Choice can tailor a training program designed to help you realize your potential and achieve your goals.

Are you training for that dream overseas climbing trip you have booked? An upcoming competition? An alpine or high altitude objective? Training to send a specific dream boulder or route project? Or just training to improve generally in order to open up more possibilities at your local crag? No matter what your objective, or where in the world you live, Athlete By Choice is for you. We can help you to maximize your training time and work towards achieving any goal.

Athlete By Choice online coaching and training solutions are available to athletes of any level and from anywhere in the world. Your coaching and training programs are delivered electronically and communication can be made through free modes of communication like email and Skype.


We provide two main types of online training:

  • Individually Tailored Programming
  • 12 Week Pre-Designed Programs


Individually Tailored Programming

Our Individually Tailored Programming is a personally developed service where you work one on one with your coach to develop your goals, assess your current strengths and weaknesses and tailor your training specifically to your needs and schedule, continually monitor your progress together and make adjustments to your programming to keep you improving and motivated to work hard towards your goals. This service comes with as much ongoing support as necessary and comes at only $99AUD per month with no minimum commitment so that you are not locked in should your circumstances change.


12 Week Pre-Designed Programs

Our 12 Week Pre-Designed Programs are a series of programs designed to suit the majority of serious recreational athletes working towards getting better at their chosen sports. We have a variety of programs including:

  • Boulder Better  – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level programs
  • Climb Better  – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level programs
  • Run Better – Each program adjusted to your own individual starting level
  • Be Stronger – Overall strength and conditioning for any outdoor activity

These programs are designed to help you to improve at your sport while also gaining strength and fitness and improving mobility, flexibility, joint health and stability. They are fully supported by your coach any time you have any questions or need help or motivation and come at a cost of only $119AUD for the full 12 Week package.

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Starting at less than the price of a cup of coffee per day you can have access to the following services…

  • Access to all your programming and training data through a smooth, intuitive online platform and free mobile app
  • Progress charts and graphs measuring any aspects of your training and progression that you would like to track
  • Food log and nutrition tracking functionality include online
  • Training programs tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • Strength & conditioning programs tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • Video analysis of technique to identify and correct weaknesses
  • Climbing specific core strength programs
  • Climbing specific fitness testing
  • Monthly goal oriented training programs
  • Unlimited email, Skype or phone access to your coach for advice




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All of our Online Service Packages are tailored to suit your individual needs so please contact us on the Contact page of this website or by emailing us at for an obligation free chat to see how we can meet your training needs!




Workshops & Group Coaching Options

If you are a gym, junior or senior competitive team or social group then we can tailor single or multi day workshops, one off or ongoing group training and coaching sessions specifically tailored to the needs of your group or team.

For more information or to discuss potential options, just drop us a line on the contact page.


Personal Training & One On One Coaching Options

No matter what your goals or needs Athlete By Choice can provide personal training or coaching tailored specifically to your needs and can hold our sessions at a location convenient for you, be it the gym, park or home.

For more information or to discuss potential options, just drop us a line on the contact page.


Contact Us!

To contact us to ask any more questions you may have, or to make a booking to start one of our packages please send an email to with your name and the package you are interested in, or alternatively use the “Contact” page of this website.



Athlete By Choice @ BlocHaus

Athlete By Choice is now up and running in the best bouldering and training facility in the country – BlocHaus Canberra!

If you haven’t seen it yet head to to find out more and to follow them on social media for frequent updates.

The opening of BlocHaus now sees Athlete By Choice moved into the most progressive climbing gym in the country and offering our unique coaching and training services in person within the best set up climbing training facility in Australia. So no matter what your goals, no matter what style of climbing you engage in and no matter what your current levels Athlete By Choice will be able to deliver you the very best in coaching, training and athlete development to exactly suit your needs and help you achieve new heights.


So, exactly what services will Athlete By Choice be offering at BlocHaus?

  • One On One Coaching: Personalised, individual coaching sessions focusing on improving your skills and knowledge to make the most of your climbing and training time. The scope of these sessions is particularly broad as we often work with climbers of all genres, from competition climbers to high altitude alpinists, and so sessions are tailored to the needs of the athlete, ranging from skills acquisition to high intensity fitness training.
  • Small Group Coaching: As with our One On One coaching sessions these sessions are individually tailored to the needs of the athletes but in this case are suited for small groups of athletes with similar goals and needs that wish to train together.
  • Fitness Classes: We will be running several different strength and conditioning classes per week focussed on the needs of different outdoor sports beginning with our Climb Fit classes to help you gain necessary strengths for improving your climbing, and Ski Fit classes designed for getting you in better shape for the snow seasons.


Will Athlete By Choice still be delivering its signature individually tailored online coaching and training programs that it is already known for?

Yes we most certainly will be! Being able to work with athletes of all kinds from all over the world to assist them in training smarter and harder towards their goals is a foundational part of what Athlete By Choice is. No matter where you are we are available to help self motivated athletes strive towards new heights.

One major difference in the delivery of these programs will be the ability for new clients that are able to come in person to BlocHaus to have an initial skills, strength and fitness assessment done in person with us rather than completing strength tests remotely. Being able to have this initial session with your coach in person dramatically increase the level of individual specificity that can be attained in your training program.

For those near enough to visit BlocHaus this also means having the ability to combine our online training programs with regular One On One coaching sessions to increase the efficacy of your training and improve in the areas that need it most, whether skills acquisition, specific fitness parameters, motivation and mental training or overall athlete development.

Combining our individually tailored online training programs with face to face sessions with your coach is a powerful combination that will truly assist you to realise ever loftier goals in your climbing.


If you would like any further information regarding any of our services, availability, bookings, pricing or any other question at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us here or by emailing us at


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